Our charging station for Electric Vehicules

in the Landes (southwest of France)

Charge your electric vehicle at Nature et Océan

Do you drive an electric car ? Good news! In the heart of the splendid Nature et Océan holiday village, nestled in the Landes region, we are proud to offer you the possibility to recharge your vehicle with ease.

In harmony with the surrounding nature, we have installed a charging station for electric cars. Thus, while enjoying your stay with us, you can contribute to preserving the environment by opting for sustainable mobility.

And if all the spaces are already in use when you need them the most, there is always the possibility of finding a solution thanks to multiple charging points in the vicinity, and in the Landes in general.

(Many free apps exist to help you discover them)

In the center of the village of Messanges , just a 4-minute walk from our holiday village, you will also find a MObIVE charging station .

Count about ten euros for a charge of approximately 8 hours.

Experience Nature and Océan with tranquility , knowing that your electric car will be ready to take you on new adventures with each departure. Connect with sustainability , relaxation , and escape !